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IN PURSUIT from Glassdoor - Jason Fried

Episode Summary

Jason Fried, the CEO and co-founder of Basecamp, is known for thinking deeply about collaboration, productivity, and the nature of work. In this episode of IN PURSUIT from Glassdoor Jason shares why he doesn’t get caught up in setting goals, the reason to say no to projects, and why he’s not a fan of hustle culture.

Episode Notes

Jason Fried doesn’t set goals “because they're mostly artificial. You either hit the goal and you're happy [or] you don't hit it and you're upset. And if you hit it, then you just set up another one. What's the point?” His conversation with Amy Elisa Jackson in this episode is filled with wise advice that comes from his direct experience as the CEO of a successful company and co-author of Rework, a New York Times bestseller about work.   

He believes in the power of saying “no” and the freedom it brings. “What I found is the more often I say ‘yes’, the more often I regretted the decision down the road. It's really easy to say ‘yes’ to something, especially when it's later on because it doesn't cost you anything right now. No is just more specific, and it frees you up. You end up having more flexibility and more independence when you say no more frequently.”  In this episode you’ll also learn how to keep your work hours under control, be happier when you are working, and how parenthood can teach lessons you can use at work.

Jason has been a TED speaker. In addition to Rework, he’s been the co-author of It Doesn’t Have to be Crazy at Work, and Remote: Office Not Required

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